I tell stories about messy girls with questionable morals.

I probably have too many hyphens.

I’m a Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate with one too many hyphens (YA author, screenwriter, director, actress, graphic designer, copywriter, and Frenchie dog mom). 

I focus on commercial, genre-bending, female-driven stories that often include mental health representation based on my own experiences.

Although my work spans formats and genres, my goal is always the same: to help others feel less alone.

About Me

I want to help creatives like you.

I created a free Substack called The Bite-Sized Creative as a place for easily digestible advice to help you survive the emotional toll of being a creative.

When you subscribe, you’ll also get a link to download my free querying guide with an example of the query letter that landed me 5 offers of rep and a list of resources that helped me along the way.


Mental health rep in genre stories.

Horror is an incredible genre and there is so much to love. However, it has not always portrayed mental illness in the kindest of ways.

Drawing from my own experience with multiple disorders, I hope to include mental health representation in darker narratives where mental illness can exist alongside the horror rather than being the “scary thing.” 

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