I’m a Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate with maybe one too many hyphens (author, screenwriter, director, actress, graphic designer, copywriter, and Frenchie dog mom), but it’s only because I’m absolutely passionate about storytelling and elevating female voices. ​ 

My background is in indie film and comedy, and my sketch duo, Yes Please!, has reached over 1 million views on YouTube, collaborated with Comedy Central and Funny or Die, and developed a pilot with DIGA Studios (the production company behind Teen Wolf). 

I recently ventured into darker speculative narratives with my directorial debut “Subject 3,” which premiered in 2020 at FrightFest. Additionally, my short films and digital series have screened at LA Film Festival, Raindance, NYTVF, LA Shorts, Phoenix Film Festival, NewFilmmakers LA, and more. 

I’ve also written articles for Thought Catalog and will be on submission soon for my debut YA horror novel. Although my work spans formats and genres, my goal is always the same: to help others feel less alone.

Teresa Decher





Brand & Mission

I tell female-driven stories about messy characters with questionable morals and often include mental health rep based on my own experiences. My taste leans contemporary with grounded speculative elements, complicated villains, morally gray characters, dark humor, and strong romantic subplots.

I felt alone for so much of my life and stories were the one place where I felt seen. I hope my work can be that for other people, too. I’d also love to help break the stigma of mental illness in horror, and allow it to exist alongside the scary thing rather than being the “scary thing.”


mental health rep

commercial plots

speculative elements

strong romantic arcs

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